• Tax departments take the backseat in new tax software decisions

    As companies implement new ERPs, they should consult their tax departments.

    When a company is determining which enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution it will choose, one would think its tax department would be involved in this decision. However, many organizations leave their tax professionals out of the discussion, according to AccountingWeb.

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  • Get a handle on your February reporting

    Convey's upcoming February tax  reporting webinar will give you tips and tricks for filing tax information for states, Puerto Rico and Canada.

    While tax information reporting season is a time when your business is thinking about its deadlines for federal filing, you must also remember the approaching cutoffs for state, Canada and Puerto Rico reporting. To help you more accurately meet your obligations, Convey Compliance Systems is offering a February Reporting Requirements webinar on Wednesday, Feb. 4 at 1:00 p.m. CST.

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  • Employers and insurers must prepare for ACA reporting questions

    With some taxpayers confused about new ACA reporting obligations, insurers and employers may need to quell those concerns.

    Since the Affordable Care Act (ACA) first took center stage, a lot of questions have been raised regarding what the health care law requires. During the 2015 tax season, which is the first time taxpayers will need to comply with the ACA’s tax information reporting rules, employers and insurers will likely need to help their employees and members answer these questions.

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  • IRS recommends e-filing this tax season

    E-filing is particularly beneficial this tax season because of the IRS' tight budget.

    The IRS has kicked off the 2015 tax season, and it recommends that taxpayers file electronically. While this advice is aimed at individual taxpayers, it does indicate how budget constraints will slow services this year.

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  • Develop your strategy for FATCA implementation

    Check out Convey's upcoming webinar on FATCA implementation strategies.

    Are you prepared for the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)? You’ve probably heard this question before, but have you been able to reply with a confident yes?

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