We Understand Your Complex Needs

1099 tax reporting requirements for insurance organizations are some of the most complex in information reporting.

Organizations have to deliver a variety of complex 1099 forms to clients while reporting to regulatory agencies for life, disability, property/casualty, health insurance payments, just to name a few.  This type of filing necessitates compliance knowledge and expertise to keep up with federal and state regulatory changes.

Convey Provides Many Advantages

  • Extensive state reporting requirement capabilities
  • Withholding calendars and calculators
  • TIN Compliance/B-notice abatement automation
  • Built-in compliance
  • Intuitive and configurable customer service interface to help answer recipient questions quickly and accurately

What Convey Solutions Do For You

  • Ensures you are in compliance for all aspects of state and federal of tax information reporting.
  • Provides a centralized tax information reporting solution that allows customer service staff to query and provide vendors and clients with up to date tax information providing better customer service to your clients.

TIN Compliance Services
For organizations making one-time payments with frequently changing TIN or EIN data, Convey provides organizations due diligence and recipient correction processes.

Convey’s Withholding Management
Companies with extensive withholding requirements can leverage Convey to manage compliance, withholding, remittance and reconciliation requirements on every regulatory level.